Simpli Payroll: Simplified Solutions for Stress-Free Wage Management

Simpli Payroll offers a complete suite of tools for efficient payroll processing, tax management, and employee self-service. Simplify your payroll tasks and ensure compliance effortlessly.

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Automated payroll processing

Accurate tax calculations

Boosted employee satisfaction

Payroll Management

Effortless Wage Processing with Accurate and Timely Payroll Every Time. Automate salary calculations, deductions, and payments. Ensure error-free payroll processing for your entire workforce

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TDS Computation

Precise Tax Deductions with Automated TDS Calculations Made Simple. Calculate and manage Tax Deducted at Source accurately. Effortlessly stay compliant with evolving tax regulations.

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Stay Compliant with Effortless Statutory and Regulatory Adherence. Automatically generate and file required reports. Stay ahead of new laws and prevent penalties.

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Loans & Advances

Employee Financial Support with Seamless Loan and Advance Management. Easily process and track employee loans and advances. Automate repayments and maintain clear records.

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F&F (Full and Final Settlement)

Smooth Departures with Streamlined Exit Processes and Settlements. Automate full and final settlement calculations. Ensure accurate and timely closure of employee accounts.

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Employee Dashboard

Empower Your Staff with Self-Service Portal for Payroll Transparency. Give employees access to their payslips, tax documents, and leave balances. Reduce HR queries and increase satisfaction.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Simpli Payroll ensure data security?

We use advanced encryption and access controls to protect all sensitive payroll information.

Can Simpli Payroll handle multiple pay structures?

Yes, our system is flexible and can manage various pay structures and salary components.

How often is the compliance module updated?

We continuously update our compliance module to reflect the latest statutory changes and requirements.

Can employees apply for loans through the dashboard?

Yes, employees can submit loan requests through their dashboard, which managers can then review and approve.

Does Simpli Payroll integrate with other HR systems?

Yes, it can integrate with various HR and accounting systems for seamless data flow across your organization.

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