Face Recognition: Smart Check-In with Easy Attendance with Just Your Face

Use facial recognition for quick and secure attendance marking. No cards or passwords needed.

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No need for ID cards

Quick and easy attendance marking

Improved security for office access

Smile to Sign In: Touchless Attendance with Facial Recognition

Use your face to mark attendance or enter the office. Improves security, speeds up check-in, and works with masks on.

  • Quick, touchless attendance marking

  • Improved office security

  • Works even with face masks

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Frequently asked questions

Does it work if I change my appearance?

Yes, it adapts to minor changes like glasses or facial hair.

Is my facial data kept safe?

Yes, all data is encrypted and securely stored.

Can it be fooled by a photo?

No, it uses 3D recognition to prevent photo tricks.

What if the system doesn't recognize me?

There's a backup method like a PIN for rare cases.

Does it work in low light?

Yes, it's designed to work in various lighting conditions.

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