Simpli Leave & Attendance: Effortless Attendance Tracking and Leave Management for Modern Workplaces

Streamline time tracking and leave management with advanced biometrics, facial recognition, and flexible scheduling. Customize policies to fit your unique workplace needs.

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Accurate time tracking, less fraud

Flexible leave policies, happier staff

Automated processes, reduced admin work

Smart Clock-In: Facial Recognition with Geo-Tagging for Foolproof Attendance

Use cutting-edge facial recognition technology with location tracking to ensure accurate, fraud-free attendance recording. Perfect for remote or distributed teams.

  • Biometric integration option available

  • Works 24/7 for round-the-clock operations

  • Configurable for late arrivals/early departures

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Frequently asked questions

Can the system handle different shift patterns?

Yes, it supports 24/7 rostering management and is configurable for various shift types.

How does the facial recognition feature work?

It uses AI to recognize employees' faces and includes geo-tagging to verify location.

Can we set up custom leave types?

Absolutely. You can configure optional holidays, flexi-time, and compensatory offs..

Is it possible to set different leave policies for various departments?

Yes, the system allows for customized leave policies across different teams or departments.

How secure is the biometric and facial recognition data?

We use advanced encryption to ensure all personal data is securely stored and protected.

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