Performance Management: Effortless Project Tracking for Busy Teams

Keep projects on track with our easy-to-use management tool. Assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress. Boost team productivity and collaboration effortlessly.

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Streamlined task allocation process

Real-time project progress tracking

Enhanced team collaboration tools

Project Pulse: Dynamic Resource Management for Optimized Team Performance and Delivery

Efficiently allocate resources, track progress, and manage workloads across multiple projects. Our intuitive interface helps you balance team capacity, meet deadlines, and boost overall productivity.

Key benefits

  • Visualize team workload distribution

  • Identify and resolve bottlenecks quickly

  • Improve project delivery timelines

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Frequently asked questions

Can I manage multiple projects simultaneously with this feature?

Yes, you can easily manage and track multiple projects at once, with a clear overview of all ongoing tasks and deadlines.

How does the Project Management feature help with resource allocation?

It provides a visual representation of team members' workloads, making it easy to assign tasks efficiently and avoid overburdening individuals.

Can team members update their own task progress?

Absolutely. Team members can update their task status in real-time, which automatically reflects in the overall project progress.

Does the Project Management feature integrate with time tracking?

Yes, it integrates seamlessly with Simpli Core's time tracking module, allowing you to monitor time spent on each task and project.

Can I generate project reports for stakeholders?

 Certainly. The feature offers customizable report templates, allowing you to create detailed project status reports with just a few clicks.

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