Employee Benefits: Perks Plus, Manage and Track Your Work Benefits

See and use your work benefits easily. Includes health insurance, gym memberships, and more.

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Easy view of available perks

Simple benefit selection process

Track usage of work benefits

Benefits at a Glance: Easy Portal for Your Workplace Perks

View and manage all your work benefits in one place. Easy enrollment, usage tracking, and reminders for benefit deadlines.

  • All benefits in one place

  • Easy to understand and use

  • Reminders for important dates

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Frequently asked questions

Can I change my benefits selection anytime?

Changes are usually allowed during open enrollment periods.

How do I know what benefits I'm eligible for?

The portal shows all benefits you're eligible for.

Can I see how much each benefit costs?

 Yes, cost breakdowns are provided for each benefit.

Are family members included in my benefits?

This depends on the specific benefit and your selections.

How do I use my benefits once enrolled?

The Simpli Platform provides instructions for using each benefit.

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