Compliance Made Easy: Automate Statutory Requirements

Generate and file required reports automatically. Keep up with changing regulations effortlessly.

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Automates statutory report generation

Keeps up with regulatory changes

Minimizes risk of legal issues

Employee Compliance Pro: Automated Statutory Compliance for Peace of Mind

Stay on top of PF, ESI, Professional Tax, and more. Automatically generate and file required reports across different states.

  • Automatic updates to compliance rules

  • Reduced risk of compliance penalties

  • Time saved on report generation

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Frequently asked questions

Which statutory compliances does it cover?

It covers PF, ESI, Professional Tax, Labor Welfare Fund, and more.

Can it handle different state-specific rules?

 Yes, it's configured to manage rules for different states.

How often are compliance rules updated?

The system is regularly updated to reflect the latest statutory changes.

Can it generate compliance reports automatically?

Yes, it auto-generates all required compliance reports.

Does it support e-filing of returns?

Yes, it supports e-filing for various statutory returns.

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