F&F Settlement: Smooth Goodbyes with Streamline Employee Exit Settlements

Automate final settlements. Ensure accurate and timely closure of departing employee accounts.

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Speeds up exit processes

Ensures accurate final payments

Reduces disputes with ex-employees

ExitEase: Automated Full and Final Settlement for Smooth Departures

Streamline exit processes with automated calculations for gratuity, leave encashment, and final payments. Ensure accurate and timely settlements.

  • Quick and accurate exit calculations

  • Reduced disputes over final payments

  • Compliance with exit-related regulations

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Frequently asked questions

Does it calculate gratuity automatically?

Yes, it auto-calculates gratuity based on applicable rules.

Can it handle different notice period policies?

Yes, it can manage various notice period and buyout scenarios.

How are leave encashments calculated?

Yes, it's designed to be accessible on various devices.

Can it process severance pay?

Yes, it can include severance pay in final settlements.

How quickly can F&F settlements be processed?

F&F settlements can be processed immediately upon initiating the exit process.

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