Employee Service Bot: AI Helper for Your 24/7 HR Assistant at Your Fingertips

An AI chatbot that answers employee questions anytime. Helps with HR queries, policies, and basic requests.

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Quick answers to common questions

Less work for HR team

Always available help for employees

24/7 HR Helper: Get Answers Anytime with AI-Powered Chat

Always-on chatbot answers HR questions, helps with leave requests, and provides policy information. Reduces HR workload and gives employees instant help.

  • Instant answers to HR questions

  • Available day and night

  • Reduces simple HR tasks

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Frequently asked questions

Can the bot handle all HR queries?

It handles most common queries and directs complex ones to HR.

Is the chat history saved?

Chat logs are saved securely for a set period.

Can I use the bot outside work hours?

Yes, it's available 24/7.

How accurate are the bot's answers?

Very accurate for common queries; it's constantly updated.

Can the bot process leave requests?

Yes, it can initiate leave requests for approval.

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