Simpli Core: Your All-in-One HR Solution from Hire to Retire

Manage your entire employee lifecycle with Simpli Core. Simplify onboarding, track projects, handle exits, and more. Our smart platform ensures your HR processes run smoothly and efficiently.

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Streamlined employee lifecycle

Efficient and automated HR processes

Smart project tracking and monitoring

Employee Onboarding

Streamline the onboarding process with our digital system. Automate documentation, share company values, and configure accounts with ease. Empower new hires to be productive from their first day.

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Policy Cloud

Store and share company policies in one accessible place. Update documents easily, track acknowledgements, and ensure compliance. Keep your team informed and aligned.

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Employee Documentation

Keep all employee information in one secure location. Effortlessly update records, monitor changes, and generate reports. Streamline HR tasks with our intuitive database.

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Leave and Attendance

Time & Attendance Management through biometric integration (wherever required) or through our dynamic Facial Recognition mechanism with Geo Tagging. 24x7 rostering management and configurable attendance with late coming / early going mapping. 

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Performance Management

Keep projects on track with our easy-to-use management tool. Assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress. Boost team productivity and collaboration effortlessly

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HR Intelligence

Turn HR data into actionable insights. Analyze trends, predict needs, and make informed decisions. Our intelligent tools help you understand and improve your workforce

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Employee Engagement

The social engagement platform with features like Surveys, Polls, Company Announcements, Celebrations Corner and a Customized News Feed.

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Exit Management

Handle employee exits professionally and efficiently. Automate exit procedures, conduct surveys, and manage knowledge transfer. Ensure a positive experience for departing team members

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Frequently asked questions

Can Simpli Core HRMS handle the entire employee lifecycle?

 Yes, Simpli Core HRMS covers the complete employee journey from e-Onboarding to Exit Management, including everything in between like Employee Database management and Project Management.

How does the Org Structure feature help my company?

The Org Structure feature allows you to visually map your company's hierarchy, making it easy to understand reporting lines, track positions, and plan for future growth. This helps everyone in the organization understand where they fit and how departments interact.

What kind of insights can I get from the HR Intelligence module?

The HR Intelligence module provides data-driven insights on various aspects of your workforce. You can analyze trends in employee performance, predict hiring needs, track retention rates, and make informed decisions about training and development.

How does the Policy Cloud feature ensure compliance?

The Policy Cloud centralizes all company policies in one easily accessible place. It allows you to update documents easily, track policy acknowledgements from employees, and ensure that everyone has access to the most current version of each policy, thereby promoting compliance across the organization.

Can Simpli Core HRMS integrate with other software we use?

It's best to check with Simpli Core's support team for details on which systems it can integrate with and how these integrations work.

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