Employee Engagement: Happy People, Better Work, Keep Your Team Smiling

Help workers feel good about their job. Use easy tools to get feedback, build team spirit, and share ideas. Watch your team grow stronger.

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Team stay longer

Work gets done better

Teams become closer friends

Voice of the Team: Quick Polls and In-Depth Surveys

Gauge employee sentiment with fast polls and detailed surveys. Let your team share their thoughts and help shape a better workplace.

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Central Hub: Your Digital Company Notice Board

Keep everyone in the loop with a central spot for important announcements, upcoming events, and key communications.

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Celebrate Together:
Spotlight on Team Milestones

Foster a sense of community by highlighting new joiners, birthdays, and work anniversaries. Build team spirit through shared celebrations.

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Stay Informed: Customised Industry News Feed

Configure a news feed tailored to your industry and business. Keep your team updated on relevant trends and developments.

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Frequently asked questions

How often should we run quick polls to get employee feedback?

It's best to run quick polls regularly, such as weekly or bi-weekly, to keep a constant pulse on employee sentiment without causing survey fatigue.

Can employees post their own announcements on the Company Notice Board?

Typically, the Notice Board is managed by HR or management, but you can set up a system where employees can submit announcements for approval.

How can we ensure the Celebrations Corner doesn't leave anyone out?

Use your HR database to automatically populate birthdays and work anniversaries, and have a process for team leaders to submit new joiner information promptly.

Can employees customize their own news feed?

While the main feed is configured by the company, you could consider allowing employees to add personal preferences for a more tailored experience.

How do we encourage employees to actually use these engagement features?

Promote regular use through management example, incorporate it into daily workflows, and possibly offer small incentives for active participation.

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