Simpli Plus: Supercharge Your HR with Smart Add-ons

Enhance your HR capabilities with Simpli Plus. From AI chatbots to wellness programs, our add-ons offer cutting-edge solutions to streamline operations and boost employee satisfaction.

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Customizable HR enhancement tools

Increased employee engagement and productivity

Streamlined processes save time and resources

Employee Service Bot

AI Helper for Your 24/7 HR Assistant at Your Fingertips. An AI chatbot that answers employee questions anytime. Helps with HR queries, policies, and basic requests.

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Face Recognition

Smart Check-In with Easy Attendance with Just Your Face. Use facial recognition for quick and secure attendance marking. No cards or passwords needed.

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L & D (Learning & Development)

Grow Skills: Learn and Improve Right at Work. Online training platform for employee skill development. Offers courses and tracks learning progress.

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Biometric Integration

Finger Scan with Secure Access and Time Tracking. Use fingerprints for attendance and building access. Increases security and accuracy in time tracking.

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Employee Benefits

Perks Plus to Manage and Track Your Work Benefits. See and use your work benefits easily. Includes health insurance, gym memberships, and more.

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Easy Loans

Quick Cash with Simple Work Loans When You Need Them. Apply for and manage small loans through work. Easy repayment through salary deductions.

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Frequently asked questions

Can we choose only specific Add Ons or do we need to implement all of them?

You can select and implement only the Add Ons that best suit your company's needs. The modules are designed to work independently or together.

How easily do the Add Ons integrate with our existing HR systems?

Our Add Ons are designed for seamless integration with most common HR systems. Our team will work with you to ensure smooth integration with your current setup.

Is there additional training required for employees to use these Add Ons?

Most Add Ons are user-friendly and intuitive. However, we provide brief training sessions and user guides to ensure everyone can make the most of these features.

Can the Add Ons be customized to fit our company's specific processes?

Yes, many of our Add-Ons offer customization options. We can tailor them to align with your company's unique workflows and requirements.

How often are the Add Ons updated with new features?

We regularly update our Add Ons to improve functionality and add new features. Updates are typically rolled out quarterly, with critical updates provided as needed.

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