Exit Management: Streamline Employee Departures with Ease

Handle employee exits professionally and efficiently. Automate exit procedures, conduct surveys, and manage knowledge transfer. Ensure a positive experience for departing team members

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Streamlined employee departure process

Valuable insights from exit interviews

Automated offboarding task management

Comprehensive Exit Management for Positive Departures and Valuable Insights

Streamline the offboarding process with our automated exit management system. Conduct insightful exit interviews, manage tasks, and ensure compliance. Turn departures into opportunities for improvement and maintain positive relationships.

Key features:

  • Automated checklist for offboarding tasks

  • Customizable exit interview templates

  • Data analytics for identifying turnover trends

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Frequently asked questions

How does the Exit Management system handle different notice periods?

The system is flexible and can be configured to handle various notice periods based on employee roles or company policies. It automatically calculates any notice period shortfalls or excesses.

Can the system automatically calculate final settlements?

Yes, it automatically calculates all components of the final settlement, including salary, leave encashment, gratuity, and any outstanding loans or advances.

How does the Exit Management module handle exit interviews?

The system includes a digital exit interview feature where departing employees can provide feedback. This data is then stored for analysis to improve retention strategies.

Can we customize the exit checklist for different departments?

Absolutely. The exit checklist is fully customizable and can be tailored for different departments or roles to ensure all necessary steps are completed before an employee leaves.

How does the system handle the revocation of access rights for departing employees?

The Exit Management module integrates with your IT systems to automatically trigger the revocation of access rights to company systems and data as part of the exit process.

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