Biometric Integration: Finger Scan with Secure Access and Time Tracking

Use fingerprints for attendance and building access. Increases security and accuracy in time tracking.

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Secure and fraud-proof attendance

Quick access to office areas

Accurate time and attendance records

Finger Scan Security: One Touch for Attendance and Access

Use your fingerprint to mark attendance and enter secure areas. Increases security and eliminates buddy punching.

  • Highly secure access control

  • Eliminates time theft

  • Quick and easy to use

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Frequently asked questions

What if my fingerprint changes?

You can update your fingerprint data if needed.

Is there a backup if the scanner isn't working?

Yes, there's always a backup method like a PIN.

How accurate is the fingerprint scanning?

 It's highly accurate with very low error rates.

Can it be used for computer login too?

This depends on your company's IT setup.

What happens if I hurt my finger?

You can use an alternative finger or the backup method.

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