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At Simpli, we've used our deep HR expertise to rethink the employee journey — from the initial 'hello' through every milestone, to even the toughest goodbyes. Our platform transforms the workplace, making every HR step simple and intuitive.

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Streamline workplace
HR with Simpli

Simpli Core HR

Empower Your Workforce with Simpli Core HRMS

Simpli Core HRMS streamlines your entire HR process. From e-onboarding to exit management, offers real-time insights and our comprehensive platform handles employee data, project tracking, and policy management. Boost efficiency with smart HR intelligence tools.
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Simpli Payroll

Simpli Payroll: Hassle-free Pay Management for Growing Businesses

Streamline your payroll process with Simpli. Easily manage wages, taxes, and benefits. Our user-friendly system ensures accurate, on-time payments while saving you time and reducing errors.
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Simpli Time & Attendance

Simpli Time: Smart Leave and Attendance Tracking for Happy, Productive Teams

Effortlessly manage employee time-off and attendance with Simpli Time. Our easy-to-use system helps you track leaves, monitor work hours, and boost productivity. Empower your staff with self-service options.
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Simpli Features

Simpli Plus: Supercharge Your HR with Smart Add-ons for Every Need

Core HR encompasses essential HR functions like employee data management, administration, and compliance, streamlining processes and ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and regulatory adherence.
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Thought Leadership

Thought leadership requires innovation, expertise, and vision. It involves influencing others through credible insights,and providing strategic guidance.


Unlock content mastery with tutorials, case studies, podcasts, live sessions, and on-demand webinars in Simpli resource section.
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