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Our Brand

Discover the new emblem of Simpli Group, a logo that's more than a symbol, it's a statement. It encapsulates our evolution from a single service to a full spectrum of solutions, mirroring the collaborative, insightful, and deeply personal experience we offer. With a design as versatile as the paperclip, it captures the essence of our mission: to simplify, secure, and innovate in every aspect of the workplace.

Simpli Logo_elements.png

SG (Monogram)

The 'SG' monogram is the cornerstone of our identity, representing Simpli Group's commitment to unity and strength in the diverse world of HR solutions.


Eye (Vision)

The eye, delicately integrated within the 'G', stands for our foresight and clarity, embodying our pledge to keep an eye on the future while focusing on our clients' present needs.


Biometric (Security & Individuality)

The biometric lines within our logo speak to the unique, personalized security we embed in our technology, ensuring that every client's data is as unique and protected as their own fingerprint.


Elephant (Wisdom & Strength)

The gentle arch of the elephant's trunk in the design symbolises wisdom and strength, reflecting our dedication to building resilient and intelligent workplace communities.


Paperclip (Unity & Functionality)

A nod to the functionality and simplicity of a paperclip, the logo's form symbolises the seamless connectivity and cohesion that Simpli brings to every facet of HR management.

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